My Friends Slutwife

My old friend and his wife came by to visit for a few days. The first night they got there they were tired from driving so she went to bed and him and I were talking. He told me he wanted me to fuck his wife again. (last time they were here 5 years ago I fucked her the morning they left). He said but I want you to be really rough make it hurt. She has been craving it and I just can’t do it and you are the only guy I trust. I said are you sure? He said yes call her a slut and treat her like one. The next morning I was showering for work and she walked in my shower naked. I said hi slutwife get on your knees where you belong and I fucked her mouth hard she was spitting and choking. Then I lifted her against the wall of the shower thrusted inside her and fucked her hard and deep stretching her tight pussy and biting and sucking her nipples. I finally came inside her told her to clean my cock and left. That night we went to dinner and the casino and we got home we were all siting in the living room watching tv (my sister was there also). I went in the kitchen and slutwife followed me and got on her knees and started sucking me I drug her into the bedroom and fucked her throat again then bent her over the bed and fucked her hard for over an hour. Then I threw her on the bed face down tied her wrists be careful what you ask for you married slut. Your safeword is I give up. I take my belt and whip her ass hard buckle down leaving marks on her ass while she screams it hurts I laugh that’s is nothing. I get out my cane and I whip her ass hard leaving deep marks and she is crying like a baby then the back of her legs and then her back she was screaming crying and telling me she hated me. I said too bad you are going to hate me even more I get on top of her spread her black and blue ass checks and spit on her asshole and she says no no I have only had a finger in there you will kill me. I put the head there and it is too tight so I have to really push to break in and she screams loud and I go balls deep and she screams and cry’s her eyes out and calls me a fucker but a few minutes later she cums hard. After well over an hour I cum in her beat up ass and lay down I said clean my dirty cock you married whore grabbed her head and shoved it over my cock and she licked it clean and I went to bed. About 3 am I woke up and she was sucking my cock and got on top and rode me hard and slapped her tits, twisted the nipples and left them beat up as well and came inside her again and pushed her off I am tired. That morning she was in the shower again this time I opened the door bent her over she was holding on to the counter and I fucked her ass hard again she screamed its sore but I kept going and came inside her and left for work. She later texted me and told me that her husband fucked my sister last night and that she was fucking her with a strap on right now. Which I had no problem with my sister likes men and women. I came home and we decided to go to dinner and the street fair sis was to tired so it was just the 3 of us and I told slutwife not to wear panties or bra in the skimpy dress she was wearing. We walked the whole street which was long then he said he wants to go back and buy something at the top I said I am too tired I will meet you at the car and she said the same thing. So I took the back way to the parking lot which goes down an alley and soon as we were there I pushed her against the cement wall pulled the top of her dress down so her hard nipples would rub against the wall and I entered her from the back and fucked her pussy hard, deep and fast she was cumming a lot it was running down her legs I came inside her pulled out lets go slut her nipples were raw from the wall. He got in the car we were waiting. He saw the cum all over her legs hers and mine and he said you are such a whore and fingered her on the way home. He went to bed and she went to my room and was on the bed naked waiting for her beating I said no turnover your last night will even more painful. I tied wrists and ankles because I know she would try to kick me. I got my cane and beat her tits and nipples and she cried fuck it hurts so bad I stopped got at the end of the bed and she said no not my pussy and I slapped it five times and she went crazy tried to break free called me all kinds of names then I licked it she calmed down and was really wet came several times gave it one last hard slap and she screamed and passed out I woke her up got on the bed and fucked her red sore pussy while she complained it hurt she was having one orgasm after another I came inside her and we went to bed. I took a shower got out and she was bent over the bed she had her ass cheeks spread open one more ass fuck before I leave? I thrusted straight in and fucked her really hard and fast and deep she was screaming and cumming and I filled her ass with cum. She got on her knees and cleaned me. Got up and kissed me and said thank you. I love my husband more than anything and he makes me cum every night I love him more than anything in the world and I would never cheat on him but I need the relief you gave me these past days and it was his idea and Thank You.


Babysitting are you kidding

(this is an older story but it is good therapy right now because my sister is in the hospital) So one of my best friends calls on early Friday night and said he has his niece this weekend to watch and he got called away on an emergency and can I watch her? I am like um he said she is 18 she does her own thing just needs to have someone there because she can’t sleep alone in her house it scares her. Sure what could I say. He drops her off she is a pretty girl very conservative looking. I showed her where to put her bag and things and he leaves. She asked if she could take a shower I said sure a few minutes later she walks down the hall in panties covering her boobs. After a few minutes I hear loud noises and go to the door and she is masturbating and she is loud. I could hear her wet pussy and when she came she screamed. I went back and sat down she went into her room came back out with a small top with lots of cleavage and rock hard nipples that you could see pretty well through her shirt. Pretty big tits for her small frame. Then omg booty shorts so tight it spread her obvious swollen pussy lips. She said sorry if I was a little loud. I said that’s fine. Just so you know I am very good at eavesdropping and I know you are a Master in BDSM. I said is that right? She said I want to know all about it? I said idk. She said ok I will tell you about me then. I lost my virginity at 16 to my boyfriend of 1 year. We had a lot of fun, we fucked a lot and lots of oral but nothing crazy. He was a pretty straightforward missionary guy but I loved him. After him I sucked a lot of dick, ate a lot of pussy I really got into girls for a while. I would let a guy eat me and finger me but selective who I let fuck me. I met this bad boy older and not so conservative. No real BDSM but rough fucking some spanking taught me how to deep throat and get my mouth fucked. I had 2 threesomes with him one with another girl which was wild and I let him fuck her and it got really intense. The other on my birthday with his best friend (which I always secretly had a crush on) and he was fatter and bigger then my bf so when he fucked me omg I came so hard. I also fucked him a few times without my boyfriend and that sums up my sex life. I said mine would take all night but I gave her the site I post many of my encounters and told her to read it and she would know some of the things I have done. She was reading and said Holy shit you are hardcore and then she slipped her hand in her panties that were wet. She was getting pretty worked up and took off her shorts and fingered herself right in front of me. She was so wet she was dripping on my hardwood floor. After she came she said I want you to whip me. I said are you sure? She said with a cane too. I said that can be very painful she said I don’t care. I said go lay down face forward on the bed. I took off my shirt and pants staying in my boxers. She took off her shirt and was naked lying on her stomach her legs were spread so I could see her wet tight shaved pussy. I got out my cane gave her a safe word and the first smack was not very hard and she screamed. I got harder and more rapid and she was screaming but enjoying it and getting much wetter and her ass was pretty red and marked up. She said ok that’s enough jumped off the bed and jumped on her knees pulled my shorts down and attacked my big hard throbbing cock. OMG she said it’s huge she tried to take it all and got most of it and was very sloppy which I love. I brought her up bent her over the bed with me standing slapped her sore ass and slid the tip of my cock inside her but she was so tight I had to force it in and she screamed fuckkkk. I then fucked her tight wet little pussy hard and she was screaming this sexy girl was so loud and having so many orgasms it was amazing after over an hour I filled her up with warm cum and threw her on the bed and lay down. She went for my cock and cleaned it and kept licking and sucking until it was hard and climbed on top and rode me hard and fast while I played with her nipples, then twisted them and it made her cum louder. She rode me for another hour and then I came inside her again. We relaxed and she got a joint and got high and told me I want you to corrupt me this weekend I want pain, I want you to tie me up I want to try everything. Somehow I really trust you and I want you at some point this weekend to fuck my virgin ass. I got up picked her up stood her against the wall handcuffed her wrists to the wall. Got out nipple clamps put one on her rock hard nipples and she screamed then the other. I got a butt plug got on my knees lifted up her legs and put them on my shoulder and licked her ass and stuck my tongue and tongue fucked her tight ass then put the butt plug in and she said wow that feels amazing. I then ate her pussy and she just flooded my face and of course she was screaming you know how to eat pussy omfg. Then I spread her legs and strapped them to the wall her pussy spread wide open. I kissed her and said I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked. I will be so deep inside you that you are really going to feel it and I wasted no time I thrust balls deep and fucked her hard and rough biting and sucking her neck she could not contain herself she was screaming and her pussy was like a waterfall. I gave her over two hours of hard fucking, tit slapping, choking and biting. She had bite marks and hickeys all over her body I came in her twice and finally wore her down she had lots of energy and always wanted more. I unhooked her and carried her to bed. We lay down and she kissed me and said Thank You. I wake up the next morning to her between my legs giving me an amazing blow job until I finally filled her mouth with cum. We took a shower and I fucked her in the shower and we had breakfast and she asked me to train her. I showed her so many things for one day but she wanted it all. I needed a break so I tied her to a chair with a magic wand running and smiled as she came over and over leaving a puddle on the ground. I finally wore her out and untied her and she took a little nap on me. We had dinner and I decided to get a little more erotic and brought her in the room with candles laid her down blindfolded her and slowly kissed her body all over. Giving special attention to her nipples because she was having nipple orgasms. I said now be quite this is a little hot but you will enjoy it. I slowly poured wax from the candle over her breasts and nipples and kissed her neck and lips while I did it and she shook and came so hard and long. (I forgot to also say she had 2 joints after dinner so she was high too) I ate her pussy very slowly she was so wet then I turned her over and licked her ass for a while she loved it last time I had some lube warmed up and lubed her up and slid a finger in and out of her ass, then too and she was loving it a third got a little tighter but she was deep in sub space and very euphoric so she enjoyed it. So I put the tip of my hard cock in her ass and pushed inch by inch and back out getting her used to it and she was moaning but I was stretching her pretty bad but she seemed to love it she was really in another world I ended up getting inside her and fucking her ass pretty hard and she was screaming but no different than when I fucked her normally. The last 10 minutes was pretty hard and deep and I filled her ass with cum and laid down she kissed me and said that was amazing I explained to her about sub space and she gave me a very slow blowjob with so much tongue action. Then I made love to her kissing slow in and out and she was just mush almost two hours and kissing and making love sometimes I would stop and just throb inside her and then slowly start up again and after I came we fell asleep. The next day before she left I whipped her again and fucked her twice doggie hard from behind she kissed me when she left and said you changed my life this weekend and Thank You.

This Buds for you

One thing I loved when I was in the Grocery business was the perks. We were having this Budweiser promotion, we had a big display of Budweiser and that afternoon the Bud girl came. She was very hot, she had the Bud shirt/dress which is very short. So at the end of the day I asked to take pics with her and the display which we needed for out files. She said help me up and I will sit on the display and in doing so I got a glimpse of her red silk panties. So we took some pictures and I was done and she said a few more and she spread her legs slightly and I got pics of her panties and I noticed they were wet. So I took a few close ups and she spread a little wider. I said lets go upstairs to my office so I can take a few of my own pics she smiled and said ok. We got upstairs she stood by my desk and pulled her top down and the most beautiful big breasts with the nipples rock hard. Then I helped her on top of my desk and she took the dress off and did a little dance in her panties of course I am standing right there rock hard. The then very sexy drops her panties her pussy had a landing strip and was very beautiful and she played with it and it was getting wetter. She then laid on my desk on her tits inches from my crotch she unzipped my pants and took my big hard cock in her mouth and moaned jackpot. She gave me an amazing blow job and it was time to put down the camera. I pulled out of her mouth picked her up licked her wet pussy for a few minutes then sat her on the end of the desk and thrust inside her she was very tight and she screamed as I stretched her tight pussy and then I fucked her hard bending down sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples. She was cumming in no time and she was very wet. Then I told her to get on her hand and knees on the desk and I got on the desk and standing I thrust back into her balls deep and hard and just fucked her really hard and fast she was screaming loud (my office is sound proof) and I pounded the shit out of her she was cumming so much there was a puddle under us. Finally just over an hour I came inside her and she collapse on the desk saying holy shit as her pussy leaked all over my desk. After a few minutes she licks and cleans my cock and says where have you been all my life.

Jill and her training pt 1

I met up with Jill (from my last story) and she told me she wants me to train her and be very strict so we really went all out. We put hidden cameras in her bedroom 4 of them and in her shower. She has a female roommate who they do play together so I told her she has to tell her. She clears all of her outfits with me the day before she goes to work she also has a camera on her desk because she has a private office. She also has a vibrator which I control from my phone. During the week at work she always wore dresses so I almost never let her wear panties. Every morning she sent me a picture of what was under her dress (many times it was nothing) then a pic of her dressed. Then she had to send me two pussy pics a day and one of her ass where I made her wear her anal plug every day it was pretty good size for her little body but she had to deal with it because at some point she was going to get her tight virgin ass fucked so we had to loosen it up a little. She really got into all of this it really turned her on. Her and her roommate played together almost every night which was very fun to watch. On the weekends she would be with me at my house training. This girl wanted it all. The first day of training I had her stand in the middle of the room and undress I told her inspection time I got my riding crop first her nice little tits nipples already hard I smacked them pretty hard just a little ouch moan then I just went for it and slapped her nipples back and forth hard she was screaming almost crying I said we need to build up your pain tolerance. Next I told her to turn around and I smacked her ass each time harder she was whining Daddy but I kept it up until it was bright red. I said spread your legs Daddy no it’s so sensitive right now it will hurt I looked at her she spread her legs and I spanked her pussy and she came hard. Then I fingered her tight wet pussy while I sucked and bit her hard nipples she was crying out in some pain but cumming hard at the same time. I pulled out my dripping fingers and made her clean them. I went and sat down in my chair and told her to crawl over and worship my cock. She did and I said show me how deep you can get and she barely got half way Daddy it’s so big I said by the end of the day you will take every inch she wined Daddy it won’t fit I said I will make it. I told her I like it sloppy and wet she really went crazy wet, sloppy noisy all the things I love. She put my balls in her mouth and gently sucked them after about 45 min I said time to take it all. I laid her on the bed with just her head hanging off I said we are going to train your throat I said this angle it’s a straight shot down your throat. I said now relax I rubbed her throat you are still tense take a deep breath and let go, there you go I slid it in inch by inch I rubbed her throat you are doing fine and we got over ¾ and she panicked a little but I got her back and went all the way in I pulled out and kissed her good girl I grabbed my riding crop and told her I think you like having your pussy slapped so I am going to fuck your mouth but all your concentration will be on your pussy getting spanked. I slid my throbbing hard cock in and went an inch and slapped her pussy until I was balls deep and I started fucking her mouth and spanking her pussy she was doing so good she was getting very wet in her pussy and her mouth and we did that for almost a half hour . She was so wet and I was horny I decided to take a break pulled her to the edge of the bed and fucked her really hard and fast she was screaming and cumming everywhere. I then thrust deep inside her and came hard inside her. This will be ongoing so much happened in that time not only all the training but her walking around with the vibrator in her pussy and I controlled it and made her cum whenever I wanted. I saw her shower every day and masturbate. Her roommate even put on some shows for me solo so it was a fun time. I also had her bring two guys home one night and oh what a show so more to cum……B_tC4NtXEAAevxw