Coachellafest and the three sluts

So my neighbors granddaughter (my lastpost) who I fuck whenever she comes down to see her Grandmother on her college breaks calls me and asks if her 2 friends and her can stay at my house while they go to Cochellafest I said sure I won’t be there Friday when you leave so I told her where the key was and they could get ready there. I get home from work and there are clothes everywhere in my extra bedroom and the bathroom looks like a warzone. I am in bed about 1 am when I hear them come in and very loud obviously high and drunk. All I hear is Daddy Daddy she walks in with her two friends all dressed like sluts. My slut says girls wait until you see this beautiful big dick and she pulls my covers off and I am rock hard and the other two girls are like omg. My slut says ok Daddy one at a time we are going to do a strip tease over you and when we are done you choose who you fuck first. First is Jill today is her birthday and she just turned 18 (she looks 16) and she has not had sex in over a year since her boyfriend and her broke up. She takes off her top hot little boobies hard nipples and then her tiny shorts and a beautiful tight bald pussy and she puts it over my face and spreads her lips and says nice and pink Daddy it’s so tight I am not sure that monster will even fit inside. She has such a nice tight little pussy. Second is Shawna now Daddy Shawna is getting married in a month and her fiancé moves in Monday so this is her last weekend to get some strange dick and her black pussy tastes so good I was licking it on the way here. She takes off her top and her tits are beautiful big and pierced and her nipples are rock hard. She takes off her shorts and a beautiful very wet pussy and she slaps it and gets me wet. Then my slut she strips and says you know this pussy you have fucked it many times and rubs her pussy on my cock. I said no way I am not deciding so they did rock paper scissors. The 18yo won so her and my slut sucked my cock and balls and the almost married girl put her wet pussy on my face and I went to town she was so wet and I grabbed her tits and played with those hard nipples and that made her even more horny. The 18yo finally got above my cock and she was so tight she was struggling to get it in so my slut said just do it grabbed her hips and pushed her down on my cock and she screamed as I spread her tight little pussy open and slowly started to ride me while my slut put her mouth right there to lick her and me.  I am in heaven and the 18yo comes all the way up and my slut pulls my cock out and sucks it and puts it back in her now wet pussy. The 18yo now gets serious and rides my cock hard the almost married girl is just soaking my face she is cumming so much. We hit almost the hour point and I cum in her tight little pussy and I cum hard and lots and she is screaming so loud she came so many times and she gets off and collapses. My slut licks up all the cum and her juices and sucks my cock for a few minutes and I am rock hard again and the almost married girl says my turn and I want it doggie and gets on her hands and knees I waste no time shoving my big cock in her soaked pussy and pound the shit out of her and my slut says hey not fair I was going to get my pussy licked the almost married girl says you are so all excited my slut spreads her legs and the almost married girl eats her pussy while I fuck the shit out of her. After about 3 hours everybody has been thoroughly fucked and eaten we all go to sleep. Pretty sweet in bed with 3 hot naked girls. I am the first one up they are all hung over I take a shower and the hot little 18yo decides to join me Hi Daddy she gets right down and sucks my cock and I grab her head and help her she does her best to take as much as she can I then pull her up and pick up her hot tight little body and shove my hard cock in her tight wet pussy and fuck her hard against the shower wall I am in her deep and she is cumming as well as screaming Daddy its too deep but I just pound the fuck out of her then we stop and dry off quick and go to the extra bedroom and then I get rough with her I bite and suck her nipples I turn her over and spank her tight little ass then I grab her hips and thrust inside her and fuck her hard and deep I then grab her hair and pull her back and just fuck her really hard and fast and she can’t stop cumming and screaming. After about an hour and a half of abusing that tight soaking wet pussy I fill her with cum she was shaking and cumming so hard I just held her. I made everyone breakfast and between the showers and getting ready I always had someone sucking my dick or was fucking one of them. They all left full of cum. The second night was much rougher I brought out the whips and cuffs, and nipple clamps the freakiest was the girl getting married she had the nipple clamps on and I whipped her ass and she just came harder. She also wanted anal so I fucked her ass good and hard while we were doing all that my slut and the 18yo were eating each others pussies and then they found a strap on and my slut fucked her really hard. It got pretty wild they are all Bi so there was just as much pussy eating as dick sucking. We had toys all over anal plugs so it got pretty nasty some good ass licking my slut fucked the almost married girl in the ass and loved it. I was fucking the 18yo and she just couldn’t get the guts to try anal but I was fucking her really hard and fast and she was about to cum and I slid my finger in her ass and she squirted all over and had a big full body orgasm shaking and screaming. We finally went to bed like 3am. We slept in my slut was the first one up and she gave me an amazing blow job while I fingered her until I came in her mouth. I made them breakfast again the 18yo was sore on every inch of her body so she was done. We talked for a while and the girl getting married wanted one last fuck so the other two just watched she was sitting on the couch so I walked up pulled her to the edge and fucked her standing up just pounding the shit out of her and slapping her big tits really hard and twisting and pulling the nipples her pussy never stopped cumming she wanted me to finish in her mouth so I pulled out she jumped down on her knees and I fucked her mouth hard and exploded in her mouth and she sucked me clean. They all left I met up with the 18yo several times after, she really got into BDSM. She wanted me to train her so I did at one point she spent a week with me and we got into some fun and hardcore stuff but that’s another story.tumblr_o9578as7bm1v0oj9oo1_12801B_tC4NtXEAAevxwtumblr_oapu366CF21ulien8o1_540

My Sweet neighbors Grandaughter

I have my neighbor she is 80 and the sweetest woman in the world and is like my second Mom. I mow her lawn and make repairs around her house for her. She has a granddaughter who goes to school a few hours away and stays with her on holidays. We have met and flirted one night we even had a few drinks together but she had a boyfriend which she said was boring none the less a boyfriend. I told her about my lifestyle and she was very interested. She went back to school and came back for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was in my yard working no shirt and she came over and said Hi really looking me up and down and she looked so hot. She is small like 5’1’’ and probably 100 pounds soaking wet. She has a beautiful set of tits and she was proudly showing then to me. She said maybe we can talk later and I said gladly. I caught her a few more times watching me. So I am in my spa early that night which you can’t see from the street but if you came up my side yard you could walk in my backyard and see it. I always go naked of course. So all of the sudden she walks up in almost what looks like a nightgown it’s so sheer. She says would you like some company I said sure and she takes off her dress and is completely naked underneath. I said holy shit you are so beautiful. Her tits were amazing and a good size for her small body and like one inch nipples omg and hard as a rock. So we talk for a few minutes on how she broke up with her boyfriend and he is the only guy she has been with. She comes over straddles me and kisses me wow it was very passionate and she was rubbing her pussy all over my rock hard cock and I whispered lets go inside and we do we dry off and she says I knew it was a good size when I saw it in your pants but fuck its huge. She comes over sucks both of my nipples and drops to her knees and goes crazy on my cock. Plays with my balls and takes me real deep wet loud perfect. I pick her up throw her on the bed grab a pillow put it under her sexy ass get between her legs and lick her tight wet bald pussy and she moans loud I spread her already swollen pussy lips and tongue fuck her tight little pussy and she screams and cums on my face in no time. Then I slide my tongue deep inside her and explore every inch of her wet pussy as she grips the sheets and cums again. I put one of her swollen pussy lips in my mouth and suck it in my mouth and run my tongue up and down and she goes crazy cumming several more times. While I suck the other swollen pussy lip I reach up and play and twist her big hard nipple and that gets her thrashing around and she gets loud and starts cumming a lot so wet and creamy. I then go to her throbbing clit and suck it hard and she goes crazy screaming thrashing all over the bed I slide two fingers inside and finger fuck the shit out of her and she goes into overload her pussy pouring out cum screaming and after about an hour she screams just fuck me, fuck the living shit out of me please and make it hard and rough I need to be fucked bad. I get up my mouth literally dripping from her soaking wet pussy. I turn her over slap my big at cock on her pussy and she says quit fucking teasing me and fuck me. I stick the tip in and she is so fucking tight it feels like an asshole. She says just rip it open I don’t care fuck me. I grab her hips force it deep inside she screams bloody murder because it stretched her hard and I fucking pounded the shit out of her and she was cumming and screaming again in no time. I grabbed her hair pulled it back and just hammered my cock in her hard and deep and she couldn’t stay on her knees and went flat but I kept pounding her she was screaming very dirty words and things she wanted me to do. A little over an hour and I came inside her and it was lots of cum. I pulled out and she stayed in the same position shaking and moaning and mumbling omg omg. She finally calmed down turned her head and looked at me are you fucking kidding me that was amazing. I grabbed her pulled her on top of me and held her. It wasn’t long and she down cleaning my cock of all of both of our cum. Then she got up and rode me I grabbed both hard nipples (omg they are so long and hard) pulled and twisted them as she rode me hard and fast bouncing up and down hard another hour she finally screams with an explosive orgasm as I empty myself in her again. We have sex 2 more times a little rougher with spanking and choking both new to her. She spent the night had about a three hour session the next morning ending with a really hard pounding fuck and just as we both came I stuck a wet finger in her ass and she exploded all over me. She later confessed that her ass has over been off limits but that felt amazing. I said then wait until you feel this and I licked and ate her ass spread her wide and tongue fucked her ass deep and fast and she came again. We took a shower together and washed each other dried off and she said I have to go and thank you for the most amazing time of my life. She got on her knees and gave me one of the most amazing blow jobs until I filled her mouth with cum and said we will talk later. Wow. She came over the next night show up at the door with a coat on took it off and was in an amazing sexy bra and panties set which didn’t stay on long. She wanted me to train her in BDSM so I blindfolded her put her in over the door handcuffs and explored her naked body with my hands, my tongue and my riding crop. Slapping her ass, tits and pussy and she just got turned on more. We spent several more hours exploring all kinds of new things. The next night we went and got a bite I told her to wear a tight dress no bra or panties and I fingered her at dinner and ended up fucking her in the parking lot against the car. Here last night before she went back to school she wanted to try anal but couldn’t do it but I sent her home with a small but plug to get used to it. I made her send me pictures with it in while she was at school. Happy Thanks giving lol.tumblr_ogzv3m3gpv1u3wvgio1_1280tumblr_o9578as7bm1v0oj9oo1_1280

Double Trouble turns into Double fun

So first a quick background. I have a FWB I have had for 2 years. She goes to school all day and works as a bartender at night so she comes over at crazy times. She will come over at 1 am I am asleep and wake me up and fuck me. She has a key. She texts me before she comes over and I have an automatic reply on my test of 0 which means come over. If I am with someone I change it to 1. So to the story I go to my local mini mart around the corner to get gas so I don’t have to get it in the morning. I see this girl in there dressed pretty slutty but trying not to stare. Then I go around the corner and she is stooped down looking at something I look down see her big breasts and I can see everything and between her tits it says slut we make eye contact and it was instant lust she stands up we are face to face her rock hard nipples standing out I said costume party or are you really a slut I guess you will just have to find out and I said I would love to I live around the corner she says lets go. We get inside I said would you like a drink even though I could tell she was high as a kite. She said yes I pull out some tequila I said a drink or shots she says shots. I pour she drinks 4 straight shots. She said I am not a slut I was at a dress up party I have had 2 boyfriends and had sex with 2 guys oh let me correct that and 1 guy a one night stand and I haven’t had sex for 8 months. I kiss her slide my fingers in her wet pussy (no panties) and finger her hard she drops the top of her dress and her amazing tits pop out and I kiss suck and bite them she screams and moans and rubs my hard cock on the outside.  I grab her set her on the counter drop my pants and shorts as my big hard cock pops out she says shit that’s going to stretch the hell out of me. She spreads her legs I slide in very tight but I thrust it in she screams oh fuck and I start fucking her hard she wrapped her legs and arms around me and held on kissing and sucking my neck while screaming. I picked her up still inside her took her in the bedroom sat her on the bed and pulled out she jumped on the floor and attacked my wet cock with her mouth. I helped her with my hand and she did everything she could to get it all down her throat. I pulled her up bent her over the bed end fucked her tight wet pussy from behind hard and deep pulling her hair. After about an hour I came inside her, she was drenched cum dripping all down her legs from her. We get on the bed she right away goes to my cock and sucks it gets on and rides it hard while I grab, lick, suck and bite her beautiful tits. I finally wear her out after almost 4 hours of licking, sucking and fucking. We are both asleep and I wake up to my cock getting sucked and I am like this chick wants more and it’s my fwb (I forgot to change my text) I look over the other girl is asleep naked my fwb climbs on my cock and starts riding so what the hell I grab her tits and a few minutes later she wakes up because the bed is shaking. She smiles and says oh my and goes over and starts sucking my fwb tits. I am like really then my fwb gets tired falls on me and I take over fucking her hard the other girl gets behind us and licks my balls and her ass so I stop tell her to take it out and suck it and she does licks her pussy and shoves it back in this goes on until I cum inside her she pulls my cock out sucks it clean then eats the cum out of her pussy. They play for a while and the other girl is on her knees eating my fwb’s pussy and I get behind her and fuck her hard with her face pounding against her pussy. We did so many things and ended with one riding my cock and one riding my face and them playing with each other, they would keep switching until we were all spent. We all slept together played some more in the morning. I find out these two now play on their own and have come together here a few times as well. Fun times.


They had fun


Cruise girl Surprise

I got surprise visit from the girl I met on the cruise in Mexico. We have seen each other a few times but last night was amazing. She called but was only 5 minutes away so she drove 2 hours not even knowing if I would be home or alone. She walked in the door and ran into my arms and jumped on me wrapped her legs around me and kissed me like it had been forever. She gets down drops her dress she is completely naked underneath gets on her knees pulls down my shorts and worships my cock looking up at me while she takes every inch she has obviously been practicing because she did it with ease, one hand on my balls and her other hand rubbing my chest just to be touching me. Wet, sloppy loud just how I like it. I pick her up bend her over the counter right there and just fuck her hard, deep and fast and she just motivates me, your big cock feels so good Sir it’s made just for my tight little pussy, this is your body do as you please after a while we both came together and went in the bedroom. I lay down and she cleaned my cock and crawled up on top of me. She said Sir please listen to me. She looked me in the eyes and said I love you. I not only love you I am madly in love with you. I know right now there is another girl in the picture but I wanted you to know how I feel. I have never met anyone like you but I want you to know I am ready. I am ready to move in tomorrow and serve you. You love your drama free life with me that would not change. I never bitch, I never complain and I am easy to get along with. You won’t need an alarm clock I will wake you up with a blow job every morning and you can fill me up or bend me over and fuck me always your choice. I will make you breakfast every morning no matter what time. I will send you dirty texts and send you naughty pictures throughout the day and I know you hate sending pictures and you don’t need to ever send me a pic I know how hot you are. I will bring you lunch to work every day and get under your desk and suck your beautiful cock while you eat or you can bend me over your desk and fuck me. I will keep your house clean and make it a place you can’t wait to come home to and I will be the girl you can’t wait to come home to either. I will be on my knees naked waiting when you come home to serve you. You know I am a strong girl and very educated and that makes my submissiveness even more appealing. This is your body and I will take care of it and it yours to do as you wish. No and I don’t feel like it are not in my vocabulary. I was floored all I could do was kiss her we made slow, erotic, mesmerizing intimate love to each other for over two hours when I came inside her we just stayed there kissing and I got hard and we did it again in the same position and we fell asleep with me inside her. I woke up in the middle of the night to her slowly sucking my cock and I watched her as she worshiped my cock until I filled her mouth and then we cuddled and went back to bed. As you all know I do my writing and my experiences because it is my therapy so back to bed with this beautiful naked girl waiting for me…..